Buzzebees makes communication with customers fun and easy.

During transit, on the metro, on billboards, on your mobile devices, advertising has become a part of our daily lives, but how many do you skip, swipe away, or stay to watch?

What can ease the complexity of making transactions online? 2C2P offers a secured payment gateway with multiple payment solutions to simplify both shops’ and shoppers’ needs.

With an average mobile usage time of 9 hours per day for Thais and a 133% penetration rate, mobile marketing presented a massive market opportunity. However email and message marketing only averaged a 2-10% response rate.
Buzzbees believed they could do better.

In 2018, Buzzebees became the leading mobile CRM privilege platform, with 80% market share and 45 million users in Thailand. They served more than 60 major corporate brands such as Burger King, Coca-Cola, Citibank, KBank, Krungthai AXA, Mead Johnson, Nestlé, Samsung, Tesco, and our own flagship drinking water brand — Singha Drinking Water.

Through Buzzebees campaign, Singha Water became the first FMCG business that successfully optimized its Loyalty Program via LINE and sold over 1 million bottles within a few months.

Users can easily sign up to Singha Rewards via our LINE official account @SinghaRewards. 

Upon purchase of Singha and Purra bottled water, users can submit the code under the bottle caps into their account to win rewards.

Being able to engage proactively, Singha Drinking Water has been able to grow “Singha Rewards” program to 8.4 million active users.

As a client of Buzzebees, we saw the impact and wanted to take part in their growing journey.

Currently, Buzzebees stands as the leader in mobile CRM privilege platform and has more than 80 major brand clients. In comparison to email marketing, Buzzebees’ engagement rate outperforms by 20-28%. 

Along with over 50 million users, Buzzebees uses big data to provide accurate, detailed consumer insights that helps brands deliver the right products and services to the right audience.

To date, Buzzebees has expanded to 9 countries and has grown from a CRM privilege platform to a successful one-stop marketing platform, helping companies increase their brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty through results-oriented gamification marketing campaigns.

So have you heard the buzz? If not, this (not so little) bee is on its way!