DouxMatok works their magic by using sugar to reduce sugar while making it more nutritional..

The maximum sugar intake a normal person should consume is 26 g recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). However a medium-sized cup of refreshing brown sugar boba milk contains around 92g of sugar which is almost three times the amount that a person should consume in a day.

Consumers have been long calling for healthier food options and we have seen a number of world’s top food companies remodifying their recipes to include less sugar. According to New Nutrition Business, in Europe, two-thirds of people state that they are increasingly opting for products with reduced or no sugar.

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Mars, General Mills and many more have jumped on the bandwagon. Some have succeeded, while others have failed due to poor taste. Looking at top sugar replacements, they all have their flaws — stevia (too bitter), mushrooms (too weird), sucralose (too artificial), and many more.

Without a perfect replacement for sugar, an effective alternative has remained missing.

DouxMatok, an Israeli startup had a vision to shake up the global sugar market. They created a pathway that delivers low-sugar products which people love while retaining the same taste profile with higher nutritional value.

In short, DouxMatok uses sugar to reduce sugar while making it more nutritional. Sounds magical right? So how does DouxMatok work their magic?

DouxMatok’s patented technology uses silica carriers and loads it with sugar and fiber fillers. When sugar-loaded silica hits saliva, it is able to diffuse more effective than sugar molecules alone and create cluster of sweetness that stays longer at the taste receptors. This allows you to taste the same sense of sugar but at 40% less sugar consumption. While the fiber fillers provide higher nutritional value when consumed.

Eyeing this massive opportunity judging that the sweetened food industry in 2018 alone is worth USD 87 billion, Südzucker, Europe’s leading sugar manufacturer partnered up with DouxMatok in hope to deliver healthier food products while retaining great taste.

Looking back at Thailand, besides being widely known as “The Land of Smiles”, Thais are also known for our sweet tooth. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Thais’ amount of daily sugar intake is more than four times the WHO’s recommended amount. A huge issue that comes along is obesity. excessive sugar intake is obesity. Thailand, now third in ASEAN in terms of obesity prevalence, behind Malaysia and Brunei, has seen this as a huge public health issue.